Kitchen Triangle
As homes and kitchens get larger, it's easy to attempt to pack as much as possible into them. But designing a floor plan that fits everything in with enough elbowroom for everyone in can be a difficult task.
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The Kitchen & Bath Business Marketing Plan Should Be Flexible,
Cost Effective & Brand The Dealership

Kitchen & Bath Businesses and Sales Professionals need to understand branding and how it relates to Marketing but it should be a separate goal. Marketing & Branding have different goals however, they should work in concert.
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The New Walk In Bath Tub
At the end of the day, wash away stress and fatigue by soaking in a relaxing, warm walk in bath tub. A standard size bath tub generally is 60 inches long and 32 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. Stepping into a standard size tub can be difficult for most people and sometimes impossible for others. A walk in bath tub eliminates the stepping over challenge, allowing everyone to enjoy the luxury of soaking in a bath tub.
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Understanding the Basics of Kitchen Design
For most people, kitchen design is all about updating the appliances and cabinetry in the kitchen. Read the article for understanding the basics of kitchen design.
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Old World Style Kitchen Designs
With the emergence of new styles and modern amenities, today's kitchens have undergone complete transformation. Along with the appliances, the set ups of the tiles, boards and kitchen counters also have been reformed. Even so, there are certain individuals who prefer to give their kitchens an authentic and traditional look and hence, the Old World style kitchens have been successful in sustaining their standing.
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Outdoor Kitchens - How to Get Started
Outdoor kitchens go much further than the simple barbecue and prep station. Outdoor kitchen areas are one of the hottest new trends in residential landscape design and can include a wide variety of appliances and features.
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