Outdoor Kitchens - How to Get Started

By Jason Albright
Outdoor kitchens go much further than the simple barbecue and prep station. Outdoor kitchen areas are one of the hottest new trends in residential landscape design and can include a wide variety of appliances and features. Whether you are looking to add a small fireplace, or have a completely functional outdoor kitchen with plumbing and granite countertops, you can achieve the look you want with a little budgeting, planning, and hard work.

Before you start your outdoor kitchen project, look at different outdoor kitchen plans online or in books. There are many outdoor kitchen plans that can help you turn your backyard into a functional and stylish entertainment area. You may even be able to custom design an outdoor kitchen space with the help of a computer program.

When planning your outdoor kitchen space, you’ll need to consider how much patio or lawn room that you currently have. This will determine the size of your outdoor kitchen that will, in turn, determine how elaborate your outdoor kitchen will be. One of the outdoor kitchen essentials that you must make room for is a barbecue. After choosing your perfect barbecue, and determining how much space it will take, consider what other items you will add to your outdoor kitchen. You can add cabinets for storage with countertops and include patio furniture in your outdoor kitchen design.

You must also consider how you will light your outdoor kitchen area. One of the most popular options is solar lighting. These lighting elements store up energy during the day and turn on automatically at night to illuminate your outdoor kitchen. There are many different style of solar lighting available.

Having an outdoor kitchen space can be a wonderful way to entertain during the warm months. With the right planning and considerations, your outdoor kitchen space can be comfortable and functional, providing a great place to make fun summertime memories for your family and friends.

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